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Not All Recordable Discs are Equal! Consumer grade discs frequently select materials to achieve the lowest possible unit cost, rather than the highest possible performance. These compromises are reasonable accommodations in the consumer market but do not take into account the requirements of long term broadcast storage applications.

The MAM-A Gold Archive-Grade discs provide demonstrably superior longevity and resistance to environmental degradation compared to conventional recordable media. The product has a 24 karat gold reflective layer, offering maximum resistance to chemical breakdown -- one of the major causes of disc failure.

MAM-A's professional product line includes Archival Grade 24K Gold DVD+/-Rs and CD-Rs, High quality Silver DVD-R, 8.5GB Dual Layer DVD+R, Recordable Blu-ray and HD discs. Printable surfaces and Custom Logos on discs are also available.

10045 Federal Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80908

TF: +1 888 MAM-DISC (626 3472)
Phone: +1 719 262 2430
Fax: +1 719 592 0057




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